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ZTT’s OPGW Fiber Solutions for Reliable Power Grid Communication

In today’s fast-paced world, reliable communication within the power grid network is crucial. Enter ZTT, a leading player in the field of optical communication, offering state-of-the-art OPGW fiber solutions to meet the demands of modern power systems.

OPGW Fiber Technology

ZTT boasts an impressive annual OPGW production capacity, with facilities in China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Their OPGW product range includes various options such as central-type stainless steel tube OPGW, stranded-type stainless steel tube OPGW, al-covered stainless steel tube OPGW, aluminum tube OPGW, and lightning-resistant central stainless steel tube OPGW with compressed wires and OPPC.

Design & Construction

Stainless steel tube OPGW from ZTT is hermetically sealed by seamless welding and filled with water-resistant gel, ensuring complete fiber protection from water and moisture ingress. Al-covered stainless steel tube OPGW offers excellent anti-corrosion performance, making it ideal for highly corrosive environments without the need for additional anti-corrosive grease. Meanwhile, aluminum tube OPGW provides uniform material and structural integrity, along with good resistance to corrosion.

Advantages of ZTT’s OPGW Solutions

ZTT’s OPGW, OPPC, ADSS, and other specialized power optic cables are widely used in the optical fiber communication industry of power grid networks and telecommunications. With a total length exceeding 520,000 kilometers, these cables have been exported to more than 120 countries, showcasing remarkable technical feats such as large cross-sections, big cores, large capacity, long spans, ice resistance, sand resistance, lightning resistance, and ultra-high voltage capabilities.

Reliable Supply Performance

ZTT’s OPGW solutions are currently operational in more than 540,000 kilometers of power and communication networks across over 120 countries and regions. The company has set records for large-section cables, high-capacity designs, long spans, and various environmental resistances, showcasing their ability to meet diverse power and communication requirements.


ZTT’s OPGW fiber solutions exemplify cutting-edge technology, reliability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With a global footprint and a track record of excellence, ZTT is at the forefront of enabling efficient and resilient power grid communication systems.

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