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Unleashing the Power of Hanshow’s Intelligent Retail Marketing

In the dynamic world of retail, the retail marketing solutions take center stage as we explore how Hanshow, a pioneer in digital retail technology, is ushering in a new era of intelligence and efficiency with its cutting-edge Intelligent Store solutions.

Elevating In-Store Marketing Efficiency

Hanshow’s Intelligent Store solutions are a testament to the company’s commitment to redefining the in-store marketing landscape. By seamlessly integrating electronic shelf labels, Hanshow introduces a systematic approach to digital signage management. This not only enables remote hardware management but also empowers retailers to generate screen content through templates fed with data from their databases, significantly reducing the workload of in-store operators.

Lumina Series: A Glimpse into the Future of Retail Marketing

Within Hanshow’s arsenal of solutions, the Lumina series stands out as a beacon of innovation. From Lumina Edge, strategically placed on shelves to display product information, to Lumina Max, facilitating groundbreaking marketing activities, and Lumina Aqua, with double-sided LCD screens for dynamic image and video displays—each device contributes to a holistic and immersive retail marketing experience.

Empowering Retailers with Self-Service Solutions:

Self-service is not just a convenience but a necessity in the evolving retail landscape. Hanshow’s self-checkout kiosks and smart trolleys redefine the shopping experience. The smart trolley, equipped with a built-in screen and basket base scale, offers in-store navigation, targeted promotions, and advertising, along with a seamless self-checkout process directly through the trolley. This not only streamlines operations but also enhances customer satisfaction.


As retail evolves, Hanshow’s Intelligent Store solutions emerge as the catalyst for positive change. By seamlessly incorporating digitalization, automation, and self-service features, Hanshow empowers retailers to navigate the challenges of the modern retail landscape. In embracing Hanshow’s Intelligent Retail Marketing, businesses not only stay relevant but also set new standards for customer-centric and efficient retail experiences.

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