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Revolutionize Outdoor Visual Experiences with LEDMAN’s Cutting-Edge Micro-Display LED Screens for Sale

In recent years, driven by technological innovation and market demand, the application field of micro display technology has been expanding, covering many scenes such as display, intelligent terminal, wearable device, etc., including products such as giant curtain wall, display, car, mobile phone, watch, VR and so on. The development results achieved by the micro LED display industry cannot be separated from the promotion of LED display enterprises. As a micro LED manufacturers in the industry, LEDMAN‘s micro LED display deserve attention in the entire LED display market.

COB Micro LED Display in 2018

One of LEDMAN’s notable achievements is the introduction of their new generation COB Micro LED display in 2018. This technology breakthrough delivers improved visual performance, ensuring a refined and immersive viewing experience. With LEDMAN’s COB Micro LED displays, you can expect stunning visuals that captivate your audience and make a lasting impact.

The World’s First 324-inch 8K UHD COB Display

In 2019, LEDMAN once again demonstrated their commitment to pushing boundaries with the launch of the world’s first 324-inch 8K UHD COB display. This colossal display sets new standards in resolution and size, delivering an unmatched viewing experience. Whether you’re organizing an outdoor event, showcasing advertisements, or creating immersive visual displays, LEDMAN’s 8K UHD COB display will leave a lasting impression.

The Super COB Product in 2020

Continuing their streak of innovation, LEDMAN introduced the Super COB product in 2020.  With an incredibly small dot pitch of 0.6mm, this technology allows for higher pixel density and superior image quality. LEDMAN’s Super COB displays ensure crystal-clear visuals and vibrant colors, providing an exceptional viewing experience for any outdoor setting.


When it comes to micro LED display for sale in the micro-display industry, LEDMAN stands out as a reliable and innovative choice. With their track record of pioneering advancements and industry recognition, LEDMAN’s micro LED display are sure to meet the demands of any outdoor display project.

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