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Enhancing Construction Safety and Efficiency with GETO’s Climbing Scaffolding System

GETO, a leading construction company and formwork supplier, presents its cutting-edge climbing scaffolding system. Designed for various construction projects such as high-rise apartments, office towers, hotels, core tubes, and villas, this innovative system combines safety, ease of operation, and versatility to optimize construction practices.

Self-Climbing Safety Screen: Advanced Safety Protection

The self-climbing safety screen is a state-of-the-art safety protection device. Utilizing a hydraulic system, it is attached to the structure and can be lifted effortlessly. Primarily used for peripheral construction protection of high-rise structures, this safety screen prioritizes security and ease of operation. Through iterative optimizations and successful deployments in numerous projects, it has proven its effectiveness.

Self-climbing Safety Screen: Enhanced Platform and Versatility

GETO’s self-climbing safety screen offers an array of attachment forms. With a wider platform, greater rigidity, and stronger bearing capacity compared to self-climbing platforms, it can adapt to piecewise climbing systems for constructing special structures like pitch climbing and inclined climbing. This versatility addresses the needs of complex construction processes, ensuring exquisite progress.


GETO’s climbing scaffolding system provides a comprehensive solution for construction projects. With customized design options tailored to specific project situations, GETO delivers a full range of solutions to meet various requirements. By incorporating GETO’s climbing scaffolding system, construction companies can enhance safety, streamline operations, and achieve outstanding results. Elevate your construction practices with GETO and experience the benefits of advanced technology. Trust in GETO’s commitment to excellence and change your construction endeavors with the climbing scaffolding system. Stay safe, efficient, and successful with GETO’s cutting-edge solutions.

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