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Tianlong Real-Time PCR Systems: Unleashing the Potential of Molecular Diagnostics

Real-time PCR systems have transformed molecular diagnostics by enabling precise and efficient detection of nucleic acids. Among the leading options in the market, Tianlong offers advanced real-time PCR systems that empower researchers and healthcare professionals. This blog will explore the capabilities and benefits of real-time PCR systems, focusing on their ability to provide quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, melting curve analysis, and more.

Quantitative analysis for accurate measurements

Accurate quantification of nucleic acids is crucial in various applications, such as gene expression analysis and viral load monitoring. Real-time PCR systems, including the Gentier 96E, offer powerful software analysis tools that enable absolute quantitative analysis. Researchers can reliably determine the abundance of target genes or viral RNA in a sample, facilitating precise measurements and supporting critical decision-making processes.

SNP analysis for genetic variation studies

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are variations in a single DNA base pair, often associated with genetic traits and disease susceptibility. Real-time PCR systems, like the Gentier 96E, provide SNP analysis capabilities. By utilizing specific probe-based assays, researchers can identify and analyze SNPs with high precision and sensitivity. This information is instrumental in genetic research, personalized medicine, and understanding the genetic basis of diseases.

Melting curve analysis for target discrimination

Melting curve analysis is a powerful tool used to distinguish specific PCR products from non-specific amplification artifacts. Real-time PCR systems, including the Gentier 96E, offer this feature, allowing researchers to analyze the thermal denaturation profile of amplified DNA. By examining the melting curve, scientists can validate the specificity of their PCR reactions, identify potential primer-dimers or nonspecific products, and ensure accurate interpretation of results.


Real-time PCR systems have revolutionized molecular diagnostics and research, enabling accurate and efficient nucleic acid detection.

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