How can you lower your car loan interest rate

The purchase of a car is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. Car finance agreements often require monthly payments with additional interest. They are typically spread over many years. There are many ways to lower your interest rate on a car loan application.

What’s an interest rate?

You will receive a monthly payment when you apply for car financing. This includes an interest rate. The interest rate is the annual amount that you pay to borrow money. It is expressed as a percentage rate. It is a percentage on the amount of the car loan you apply for. There are many factors that can affect the interest rate you receive. A higher interest rate could increase your overall monthly payments.

Make a deposit

Hire Purchase and car loan agreements require a deposit. This deposit is typically around 10% of the car that you purchase. A deposit can reduce your monthly payments and the interest rate you are offered. It can increase your chances of being approved for a loan if you have difficulty getting approval. Because you don’t have to borrow as much from the lender, a deposit can lower the interest you pay. This can make your payments easier and lower overall costs.

Improve your credit score

Lenders can see interest rates on car loans as a sign of risk. Lenders will consider you a higher risk if you have poor credit or missed payments. Lenders will charge you higher interest rates if you are more likely to default. In the lead up to applying for a car loan, you could work on improving your credit score.


Depending on the lender you choose, your interest rate may vary. Soft search credit checks can give you an indication of your interest rates. Soft searches should only be used as multiple hard searches can damage your credit score. A car finance broker is also an option if you have already found the car that you are looking for at a dealer. A broker will compare different lenders and finance options on your behalf, and you can then get the car that you want from any dealer.

Get a guarantee for your loan

You can help lower your interest rate if your credit score is poor and you have been offered a very high interest rate. If you are unable to pay the loan on time, a co-signer (or guarantor) is someone you know. If you do not meet the repayment schedule on a regular basis, your credit file can be damaged.

Reducing your term

You will have an idea of your budget when you apply for car finance. The term you choose to finance your car can have an impact on your monthly payments and the interest rate. The average car loan repayment term is between 1 and 5 years, with the average being 3 to 4 years. While a shorter repayment term may mean higher monthly payments and a lower interest rate, it could also help you to pay less overall. Always choose a term that is reasonable for you and don’t borrow more than what you can pay back. Before granting finance, lenders will often request statements from your bank to verify your affordability.

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