Cardiff Solicitors – Top 10 in the City

The first thing you will be asked when you make an offer to purchase a property is your contact information and the name of your solicitor.

A solicitor will:


provide legal counsel

Conduct local government searches

Take care of the Land Registry

Transfer the funds to pay for your home.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a lawyer.

Take care of the property

Most people will meet their first solicitor when they purchase their first home. Conveyancing is a legal process that allows you to transfer ownership of your home to another person. There are many legal.

Permissions for building

Planning permission negotiations are notoriously difficult, time-consuming and expensive. A skilled solicitor can make the process easier and will ensure that it is done correctly the first time. A solicitor can assist you with many planning issues, such as obtaining planning permission, appealing against a refusal, appearing in front of committees, judicial reviews and high court challenges, conservation and listed commercial buildings considerations, and appearing before committees. It is highly recommended to hire an experienced property counsel to help you with all the paperwork and possible complications that may arise when buying a house.

Civil Partnerships and Getting Married

For peace of mind, you and your partner can sign a nuptial agreement or civil partnership agreement either before or after the ceremony. This will provide assurance about the disposition of your business or personal assets as well as assets that were acquired during the relationship. This legal document outlines what happens to each party’s possessions, money, and inheritances in the event of a breakup. Your lawyer will walk you through the process and explain how these agreements work. You need to choose carefully.

Cardiff Solicitors Top 10 in the City

1. Martin proWel Solicitors

Martin Prowel Solicitors, a well-established law firm based in Cardiff, is an established one. The firm has an expert in each area of law and the company is now large enough.

Offer specialised, high-quality legal services that are approachable and personable to customers.

2. Howells Solicitors

Howells can help you, whether you are a landlord looking for tenant guidance, managing wills, and assets, or a conveyancer. Howells acknowledges the difficulty of managing legal services.

All of Howells guarantees that its Cardiff lawyers will provide friendly, experienced assistance in a variety of commercial and personal legal matters. As one of the oldest law firms in Wales, they have a wealth of experience and skills to help anyone who requires it. Howells, despite their historic heritage are always open to new ideas and are innovative.

3. Geldards

They will continue to offer exceptional service to current and potential clients by using more efficient working methods, such as the use of cutting-edge technologies and adhering to strict environmental standards.

Geldards is a friendly, open-minded company that values honesty and hard work. Their strength is their ability to develop technically competent, dedicated and responsible people. Geldards work with all their clients to create long-term, mutually profitable partnerships. Their high-quality, practical legal advice is beneficial to local governments, charities, government agencies, and public bodies. Geldsrds offer high-quality legal advice. They strive to improve service over time by setting aspirational goals that guide their daily work.

4. Berry Smith Lawyers

They have headquarters in Cardiff and offices in Bridgend, London. They represent customers throughout England, Wales and beyond. They are an exceptional organisation and industry experts.

They are independent solicitors’ practices with all the owners practising law within the firm.

5. Simpson Millar

Simpson Millar claims that they have one goal: To provide transparent, uncomplicated, and cost-effective legal services without any surprises or hidden costs. The solicitors and lawyers are friendly and approachable.

Honest legal advice is always given in plain English. Millar says that even if they have to use “legal lingo”, they explain everything to you so you are clear about where you stand. They don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to customer service. They tailor their services to meet your needs and circumstances, and will always work in your best interest.

6. Crowley & Company Solicitors

Crowley & Company, a multifunctional law firm and solicitors based in Cardiff, is Crowley & Company. They provide legal advice, representation, and aid in a range of specialties. Each solicitor is a specialist in their area of law.

Crowley was founded on the belief all clients deserve total devotion, professionalism, care, and respect. Crowley understands how stressful dealing with legal issues can make it. Crowley promises that the organisation will do all it can to make it as simple as possible. Crowley and Company Solicitors pride themselves on client service and ensure that clients are up-to-date regularly. All questions are answered immediately at every step. The best legal advice is provided on a variety of legal issues, including Conveyancing and Crime, Immigration, Family, Wills and Probate.

7. Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan is a national law firm with a strong presence near Cardiff. It provides legal services for devolved government, local governments, corporations, entrepreneurs and not-for profit organisations as well as individuals.

The firm’s Cardiff-based lawyers are knowledgeable, practical, and able rely on other experts to help them find the right solution for their clients’ legal problems.

8. Shanahans Solicitors & Advocates

Shanahans was founded by Peter Wormald and Andrew Shanahan in 2003 to provide criminal defense services. Cora Sorensen and Tim Petrides joined the firm in 2008. Domenico Nigliazzo joined the firm as a personal injury specialist in 2010.

They offer legal assistance to criminal clients.

9. Robertsons

The Barry office was located in the Paddison Wigley building on Buttrils Road until 2020. To serve clients with modern and central offices, the Barry office was moved to St Nicholas Road due to increasing demand.

Robertsons is a multi-disciplinary law office with offices in Cardiff, Barry and elsewhere. It was established in Cardiff’s docklands in 1903. We moved to Park Place, Cardiff in 1987 after merging with Paddison Wigley. Since then, we’ve been here. Robertsons offers a variety of legal services for clients who demand the best. Robertsons provides the same level of service to all customers, regardless of whether they are a large corporation, private or family-owned company, or an individual. Among our clients are large multi-national house builders, UK-wide financial institutions, TV and sports personalities.

10. Acuity Law

Acuity Law is a group made up of lawyers who think outside the box. The team consists of 80+ highly skilled and intuitive business lawyers, with offices in Cardiff and London. They have been around since 1999.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for providing excellent legal services, their clients are at center of everything they do. Acuity’s teams are made up of highly skilled people who are curious and entrepreneurial and can quickly and efficiently solve complicated business problems.

This list will provide you with the best options for property management, divorce, and litigation. You won’t be disappointed by the choices you make. They are all considered the best because of this.

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